We provide innovative, cost effective and comprehensive payment services through our multiple lines of businesses

ATM services, Point of Sale services (POS), Cards & Payments and Banking Channel Products

Cards & Payments

As a key player in the payments services space, our emerging payments services business unit focuses on offering ‘non cash” and innovative payments systems outside the traditional ATM and POS channels. Mobile POS, card management services and e-commerce based payments are the mainstay of this business unit.

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    Acquiring Services

    Our suite of services includes Merchant Plug-in (MPI), Gateway and Authorization Services and Back Office Services. These services
    are offered to a Bank wanting to extend its acquiring capability. The service is offered as an integrated service or one that can be
    offered separately depending on the win-win business models that are constructed on an End to End hosted integrated service.

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    Card Issuance Services

    Our Card Issuance Services supports issuing of Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and private label debit/ pre-paid cards that conform to
    international standards. Our services can extend to issuance of EMV cards with chips, and ensures fast, uninterrupted and reliable
    communication with all banking systems to enhance customer satisfaction.

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    Card Management System

    The Card Management System (CMS) supports the complete lifecycle of a payment means through a secure, certified and flexible
    cloud-based Transaction Platform. All Cards & Payments business related activities are controlled to reduce operational risk
    and to meet international standards and compliance requirements. The CMS is a set of independent modules integrated to provide solutions
    for acquirers or issuers, to manage accounts, transactions, payment means, credit, fraud, etc. with different Network Services Providers
    (On-us, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, UnionPay, Western Union, MoneyGram…).

Using our service, banks can manage end to end lifecycle of the card from customer data on boarding to card personalisation and back office services including reconciliation of transactions.

  • Support for Magnetic Stripe / EMV chip cards
  • End-to-end PIN security with HSM
  • Defining daily limits for ATM withdrawal and transaction limits
  • Transaction Type restrictions
  • Integration of the Card System with web-based branch applications
  • Integration with various core banking systems
  • Integration with Banks electronic channels
  • Supports issuance and management of wide variety of pre-paid card programs like payroll, Transport, Gift, Travel, Wallet Linked Cards, etc.

ATM Services

We provide customized technology and service led solutions for building ATM networks for banks and non-banks. This includes new ATM deployment and Management services for existing ATM networks . With our unique win-win business models for bank-branded and white label ATM deployment & management, customers can develop a reliable, cost effective and secured nation-wide ATM network.

As different customers have different needs depending on when they have embarked on the building of their ATM networks, our services are customized to suit customer requirements. We are a:

National Deployer

Which means we can deploy ATMs for you across the country

Service Provider

Which means we can manage your ATM network on a 24x7 basis centrally to ensure your brand is protected and demonstrated in a compelling manner

Transaction Provider

which means we can provide you technology solutions and services, provide a comprehensive acquiring service by connecting to authorizers using gateway services and ensuring all transactions are in proof using a comprehensive back office service

Device Driving and Switching

We can provide terminal/ATM Driving and Switching through a Financial Transaction Switch with Software Development Tool Kits (SDKs) through which we can develop interfaces to our customers core banking systems as well as other operational systems.

  • Can drive all popular ATM message interfaces like NDC‚ DDC‚ Aptra‚ XFS etc.

  • Open Systems architecture developed around Windows allows ISO–8583 interfaces to external systems.

  • PCI–DSS‚ 3DES‚ Dynamic and Static Key Management and use of several Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides international level of security and data management.

  • Efficient transaction switching and transaction management capability means the Switch can be connected to various gateways for issuer and acquirer processing.

  • Availability and expertise of the SDKs ensures easy development capability of interfacing our ATM switch to various Core Banking Systems and operational systems.

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POS Services

We have a strong portfolio of POS services, which allows customers to easily pick and choose the desired services for meeting their business objectives. With POS deployment, management, transaction processing services, risk management and back-office reconciliation and settlement services, we provide customized solutions to financial institutions and its merchant customers.

If you are looking to build a Merchant Network or if you have merchants that need POS Terminals‚ then you have come to the right place. We can be your ideal partner in your endeavor to build a card acquiring network. Our services are organized into 3 main categories which simply put makes us a:

NATIONAL DEPLOYER, which means we can deploy POS for you across the country

SERVICE PROVIDER, which means we can provide you services which are not core to your banking business but essential for the management of the POS network.

Transaction Provider, which means we can provide you technology solutions to connect POS to a switch‚ connect to national and international networks and provide you with back-office tools for management of the network.

Banking Channel

Our banking channel products enable financial institutions to provide convenient services to its customers and at the same time offer operational efficiency and cost savings. Our technologically advanced products, combine hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security to provide highly reliable and tailored products. Combined with end to end managed services our offerings are among the most comprehensive in the market.

responsive devices

Our self-service Kiosk equipment has innovative design and specific features custom tailored for the many relationship activities between the institution and its clients. Its functional versatility allows it to have various applications allowing the institution to improve its relationship with the client.


In partnership with Mastercard, SoftFinança presents to the market the Wallet MasterPass solution. MasterPass is a digital payments platform designed to facilitate online shopping without compromising security. MasterPass uses a proprietary digital storage system which is associated with the user’s credit cards. The Wallet MasterPass adds value to this solution by not only making available all operation mechanisms and management through BackOffice but also allowing the institution to provide to its clients an easy and direct access to the management and use of the Wallet through the Portal Wallet and Wallet App.

Mobile / HomeBanking

We help financial institutions innovate while providing accessibility, maintaining a safe and secure banking environment for their clients. Working together for the best end-user experience, we provide solutions to provide consistency and usability across multiple platforms and terminals. Our internet banking platform delivers online applications that run on different devices with different screen sizes, keeping the same native experience and meeting customer expectations. We are able to provide rapid deployment of responsive applications, orchestrating a large set of financial transactions and features, bringing 25+ years of knowledge and experience from our architects, consultants and developers.